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Crooked Teeth And Their Issues

Crooked teeth can be harmful to your dental and overall health. Crooked teeth are hereditary, much like eye and hair color. Additional causes could be early tooth loss, serious face damage, or poor childhood habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and excessive pacifier use.

Whatever the cause, crooked teeth can have an unexpected impact on your health, going beyond your dental health to the rest of your body and even your mind.


1. Causes gum disease – Periodontal, or gum, the disease is a typical side effect of misaligned teeth. When bacteria in our mouth produce plaque, gum disease develops. The issue becomes worse when your gums do not fit firmly around your teeth, allowing bacteria to grow.

2. Makes cleaning teeth harder – Toothbrush bristles and floss have a difficult time reaching the nooks and crannies between crooked teeth, allowing bacteria to thrive.

3. Creates tooth wear – Crowded bottom teeth frequently result in one or more teeth protruding and rubbing on your upper teeth. This can lead to excessive dental enamel wear over time.

4. Increases the likelihood of tooth injury – Protruding upper teeth are more likely to chip or crack in an accident.

5. Causes chewing difficulties – Protruding upper and lower teeth may rub together, preventing correct jaw alignment and making chewing difficult.

6. Causes bad breath – Crooked teeth not only look ugly, but they can also smell. Unless you’ve recently consumed an onion, foul breath is usually caused by persistent mouth germs, which can be tough to remove from between crooked teeth.

7. Detriments to self-esteem and happiness – Numerous studies have found that having a better-looking smile improves smiling, which can reduce stress and boost cognitive capacity. Crooked teeth can make you feel insecure about your smile, limiting how frequently you show off your sparkling whites.

8. Decreases overall health – Few people realize that dental problems can have far-reaching consequences beyond their oral health. Oral infections caused by bacterial accumulation have been linked to a variety of serious illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia.


So this is clear now that appearance is not the only thing affected by crooked teeth. crooked teeth can affect more than just dental health, possibly affecting the heart and even the mind. Straightening your teeth with an Invisalign solution can improve your smile and help you live a happier, healthier life. Invisalign is a device that utilizes clear aligners that look like retainers to straighten your teeth and/or align your bite. If you are a victim of crooked teeth, set up a consultation with our dentist for Orthodontics Treatment In Noida. The professional working at Kaashvi Medident, Noida ensure that all the patients get the right treatment, advice and complete care.

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